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07 July 2016

White-lining Technique for Stenciled Patterns

I just wanted to show you the "white-lining" technique that I used to create "tiling" or grout-like effect on my stenciled patterns. Before I white-line them with my white-out pen (white paint markers or white gel pens can be used instead), I stenciled the triangles with the first row of the designs on the Chevron stencil (L204) that I designed for Stencil Girl Products.  The focus of this post is on the white-lining technique, and another post will be written showing how I created different designs/images with the Chevron stencil (L204).

Starting with the first pattern (upper left of the above photo), I used a metal ruler with the cork backing to keep it off the surface while white-lining so that it won't "bleed" under the ruler. A wooden ruler with the metal edge can be used instead.
I kept on adding the lines until I got the effect I wanted. I noticed that the lines made the triangles a little more sharp, neat and precise. 

The next one is a little more complex. I drew the diagonal lines from left to right and then from right to left.
I stopped after two diagonal lines as I didn't want to make it look too "busy" with horizontal lines.
The next one is a bit more complicated - I created two different effects on the same page.

I created the above patterns for my collage stash/decorative paper collection for use in my future projects. I'm sure that some of you are interested in how I can create more designs with the same stencil (Chevron, L204) from Stencil Girl Products, so multiple tutorials will be developed in the near future as there are so many different possibilities from just one stencil.

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive compensation in the form of royalties for his own stencil designs from Stencil Girl Products used in this project, however, he does not receive any form of compensation or "free" product from other designers, manufacturers or retailers.


lauren bergold said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my brain is spinning with ideas for how to use this technique! thanks for sharing it! :)

Andrew Borloz said...

You're welcome, Lauren!