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30 May 2015

Featured Artist for The Documented Life Project 2015


Hi! I was asked to be a Featured Artist for this weekend's art journal challenge for The Documented Life Project 2015 group (you can click on the above badge for further details).  I actually joined The Documented Life Project 2014 group for a year-long documentation project where I bought a thin Moleskine planner and turned it into a humongous book with six-inches thick spine. I even made a slipcase for this book (photo below). The next photo shows all of the challenge pages that I created for the year 2014. The spreads behind these pages were not shown, though.

But this year (2015) is different - I had to scale down and simplified my documentation process due to time constraint. I am now using a bound sketchbook, and I am not documenting as much as 2014 as I have other commitments. Instead of the usual collage techniques, I have been using paper-cutting methods, thus keeping the book from expanding too much. The theme for this month of May 2015 was Touchy Feely (Texture). For this weekend of May 30th, the art challenge is Textured Paper and the journal prompt is I'm so not feeling it! The whole spread sums up the general feeling that I often experienced from the museum visits - historical, cultural, natural life, sculptural and art. Most of the museums that I went do not allow the public to touch, and since I'm crazy about textures and love to touch them, I had to remind myself not to touch them at all. It indeed does take a lot of effort for me to resist the temptation to touch them. 

To create the art for this spread, I used several textured paper that I pulled out from my own collection of decorative paper that I bought from various stores. With a circle compass, I cut out rounds from these textured paper in different sizes and framed them with painted circles. For the background, I created the paste paper a while ago using brown paper. They were glued to the journal pages using adhesive spray, and the lettering was done with a white-out pen. It was a fun page to create!