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11 August 2016

New set of stencils - Kunst Masken

Ever since I learned about Bauhaus from the design history course that I took when I was an industrial design major, I've always loved its design style. I have looked though the books containing the works of the Bauhaus instructors, and also visited Museum of Modern Art in New York City for the special exhibitions of various instructors.

As inspired by the masks and ballet costumes designed and created at the Bauhaus schools, I have created a set of art masks - three 9x12s and three 4x4s.
I have used them for creating my own art postcards (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches) - they were formerly advertising postcards that came into the mailbox almost daily.

These above masks are easily customized with paint markers. I've used part of the overall pattern to create "strips" on the postcards as shown below.
I have used various techniques for creating different effects with the same stencils (9x12). The left side of the photo below were stenciled directly on the white mixed media paper, and the right side were done on the painted backgrounds.

You can purchase these stencils from StencilGirl Products' website here.

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive compensation in the form of royalties for his own stencil designs from Stencil Girl Products used in this project, however, he does not receive any form of compensation or "free" product used in these art work above from other designers, manufacturers or retailers. 


michelle ward said...

Andrew, what fun new designs. Love hearing the background, and seeing what you've made with them. Congrats!

whyducks said...

Amazing stencils and lovely use of them.

Star said...

Hi Andrew! I love the way you cover the entire page with creative goodness. Really wonderful! I don't know if you remember me from back in the day but I have always loved your work. Congratulations on your fabulous new stencils. "Star" is my alias.

- Estrella Bianchi
(this is my name & what I use on Facebook).

Andrew said...

Yes, Estrella, I do remember you! How could I forget you?? Thank you so much for your nice compliments! :-)

Marjie Kemper said...

Congratulations on these lovely designs, Andrew!

Andrew said...

Thank you, Marjie!