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24 June 2016

Binding the Art Postcards

Since May 27 of this year (2016), I have been "upcycling" the advertising postcards that came in the mail at my house. It was a lot more economical than buying cardstock and gave me greater freedom to experiment and make a lot more mistakes without worrying about my money being wasted. Also, I need to use up the craft acrylic paint that have been in storage for too long. When I first started this art postcard project, I didn't realize that I would be producing so many.
As I was enjoying the process of creating them, it became apparent to me that it is getting more difficult to handle loose postcards and keep them in chronological order. I thought up several ways these postcards could be bound or stored somehow until one day I remembered keeping several spent sketchbooks with the perforated pages torn out, hoping that some day I would re-purpose them.

I looked closely at the paper left in the sketchbook, and decided that I could attach the postcards to these strips of paper still in the sketchbook. I cut the 9 x 12 sketchbook in half with a pair of pliers and X-acto knife.
I then pried open the wire binder to take the covers and strips out so that I could glue the postcards to the strips one at a time. I then painted the strips and back of each postcard with black gesso.
The first one took me a while as I was trying to figure out how to make it work.
The second one was a breeze. I used a white wipe-out pen for the cover titles.
I've provided two videos showing the fifty postcards in two books for your viewing pleasure.
The first one shows a set of postcards - no. 001-025:
*Post publish notice (Jun 24 2015 5:10 pm): I've noticed the quality of the above and below videos were not good, so, here's the links to the better quality videos: Book One and Book Two.  
The next one shows second set of postcards - no. 026-050:
With the above videos, I hope I have inspired you to re-purpose the "junk postcards" or sketchbooks instead of throwing them away or sending them to recycling center. 

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive compensation in the form of royalties for his own stencil designs from Stencil Girl Products used in this project, however, he does not receive any form of compensation or "free" product from other designers, manufacturers or retailers.


Carol Baxter said...

Smart and gorgeous! Hope I get to take a class from you someday!

Freule van Oijen said...

Such an inspiring blog again from a creative genius! I am going to make my own sketchbooks too...Thank you Andrew. Greetings from Anne Marie in Oijen. It is a joy to watch them over and over.. I would buy the book☺

Andrew said...

Thank you Carol and Anne Marie!!