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15 May 2016

Stenciled Cardboard Frames - Part 2

After I created the first two frames with one stencil, I decided that I would create a collection of cardboard frames using my stencil designs available for purchase from Stencil Girl Products' website. This time, I'm using the Wheel Spokes Set #2 stencil for this second set of frames.

I was trying to figure out which design and colors to use for the second set. As I was doing my laundry today, I saw a load of dirty shirts and thought that it would make a great color scheme.

So, based on the colors of the shirts, I picked the colors from my craft acrylic paint collection. I then pour a few drops of white gesso and spread the paint drops with a wallpaper smoother.

I then poured a few drops of black gesso and used the same technique as the one done with white gesso. I then poured a few strings of cream-colored acrylic along the edge and smeared them over the black and white gesso. I allowed the top surface to dry a little bit and then I placed a piece of paper towel over the slightly wet paint to remove some off the top layers of gesso paint.

I aligned the top of the Wheel Spoke Set #2 stencil with the top of the cardboard, and covered the bottom half of the same stencil with a piece of paper. I then poured lighter shades of blue-green colors onto the paper plate.

Using the cosmetic sponge wedge, I randomly apply the color to the dots - lighter colors for the big dots and darker color for the small dots.

I didn't worry about the precision or the bleeding as I wanted to achieve the "grungy look" for this board. I removed the stencil and moved to the right - I aligned it by using the right column of big dots as a guide and also moved down. I completed the whole piece in clockwise manner.

I then poured some darker colors onto the paper plate for the second layer of stencil. Starting at the bottom right, I used the bottom half of the stencil (wheel spokes) and applied darker colors on the big dots and lighter colors on the small dots. I covered the top half of the same stencil with a piece of paper as a mask.

I moved the stencil clockwise and applied the paint. I then dry the whole piece with a heat gun.

After studying the position of the stencil, I decided that I would cut two frames from this one piece.

I'm very pleased with the result, and since I had so much fun with it, I've decided to start a series of frames. Looking forward to making more and I will show them to you later.

You can purchase the Wheel Spokes Set #2 on-line from StencilGirl Products here.

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive royalties from the sale of the stencil shown above directly from Stencil Girl Products. No promotional fees were paid to Andrew Borloz for promoting his own stencil designs and others.

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