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25 May 2016

Mini-tutorial: Lined Envelope from Stencilled Cardstock

Yesterday, while working on new samples with the three latest stencil designs (due to be released next month of June), I was going through my stash of stencils and stenciled paper, I saw two pieces that I thought I could make an envelope from them.
The beige piece (left) was done with two stencils, L022 and L023, using copper metallic and brown acrylic craft paint. The harlequin piece was done with one stencil, L111, using acrylic craft paint in various colors. Using the plastic templates (available from craft stores, art supply stores, or stationary stores), I cut the envelope and the liner.
I then pre-fold all of them and then I cut so that the flap can be inserted in.
I glued the top part of the liner to the inside flap of the envelope.
Turning it over, and it's a nice pattern on the front of the envelope. I'm saving it for another project - most likely in a journal.

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive royalties from the sale of the stencil shown above directly from Stencil Girl Products. No promotional fees were paid to Andrew Borloz for promoting his own stencil designs and others.

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