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01 December 2016

Creative Jumpstart 2017: The Video-Recording Experience

I'd like to share with you in this post how I got to be one of the on-line instructors for Creative Jumpstart 2017.

Creative Jumpstart 2017

For a long time, I've been asked to offer on-line classes/workshops. Despite the fact that I have taken several on-line classes for a few years, I was not confident in my ability to produce spoken video instructions. Not only that, I knew it takes a lot of time for one person to plan and prepare the video presentations. To me, it is a speculative endeavor with rather large investment of time and money as one will never know how many people will register/sign up for any on-line classes to make them profitable and worth my investment. Yes, there are websites that provide the platforms, but they cost money.

I've had several people suggesting that I produce PDF documents instead of video tutorials. Again, they still require substantial amount of time - photographing, photo-editing, writing, editing, publishing and promoting. I've done this once before and yes, it requires chunks of time and patience. Not only that, it is exceptionally difficult to control the distribution of the PDF documents, and the business side of this (collecting the fees and providing customer service) would take my time away from the creative activity. So, it was not a viable option for me.  But, I didn't give up on my search for other ways that I could teach on-line.

Last year, I joined Urban Sketchers group in NYC so that I could feel comfortable sketching out in the public with a group. They also held special workshops and one of them was held last March of 2016, and Thomas Thorspecken was the instructor. In that workshop, Nathalie Kalbach introduced herself to me and I thought I have seen her on-line somewhere in Facebook but never met her in person. She told me that she has heard great things about me from other instructors at an educational institution in New York City.

After that workshop, we kept in touch via email, and then we decided to get together last July to visit various art museums in New York City. At that time, I was producing art postcards almost daily at home, and also did a few videos of the postcards and stenciling demos using my own designs from Stencil Girl Products. About a month and half later, I got an invitation via email from Nathalie to participate as one of the instructors for her Creative Jumpstart 2017. I was surprised, and I hemmed and hawed over whether I could do it or not. I contacted several of my colleagues for their opinions on whether I should participate or not. All of them encouraged me to go ahead and be one of the instructors.

So, I told Nathalie that I would participate. But what would I be teaching?  I had to think for a while, and then realized that there were several people who would love to learn a technique or two from me in making the art postcards. They have seen them from my Facebook page - I was making a lot of them - to date, I already made over 165 postcards.

I was concerned over whether the students would be able to understand my speech that was affected by my severe hearing impairment. I decided that I would have to write scripts so that I could caption what I said in my video tutorial. Since I have never done a 13 minutes-long video before, I had to figure out what to include or exclude from the final edition. It almost took me three days to produce several segments, and another three days to pick,  edit and caption certain segments.  I was very pleased with the final edition as it was my very first time I'd done a full tutorial.

Then Nathalie asked the instructors if they would like to be interviewed, and I was wondering as to how I could be interviewed. Nathalie came up with a brilliant idea - a visual interview. That's what I like about her - she often thinks out of the box. Here's a visual interview that Nathalie put together for her blog post:

Visual Interview

So, I would encourage you to sign up for Creative Jumpstart 2017 now (click on image below)  and take my class in January. Plus there are 26 another instructors from various countries. I have not yet seen their videos, so that's why I signed myself up as a jumper even though I'm also an instructor. It was a fun project.

Creative Jumpstart 2017

*Full disclosure: Andrew Borloz does receive compensation in the form of commission from the fees paid by the students who registered through my affiliate links.