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18 September 2014

Temporary Studio Table in the Garage

For several weeks, I have been using the garage as the space for my temporary studio table for my projects, both paid work and personal. Because my art and design supplies are in various rooms and all over the places in my home, I had to resort to using the garage space for my work. It is relatively cool, and I can open the garage door if I need fresh air. 

The funny thing is that I have a reputation at many art retreats and workshops for being neat and organized. Nothing could be further from the truth - I'm not. Anyway, the series of photos here show the taking down process - I was packing up the supplies and putting them away as someone needs to put the car in the garage.

It does take a while to move these stuff around, sort them, and organize them.  Then put them away - hopefully I will remember where I put them. As soon as I put them away, I often forgot where I put them. That's why I don't enjoy putting anything away - I remember better where I put anything on a messy table. That's how my mind works.

After an hour or so, I finally am getting closer to finishing the clean up job. 

Now you can say that I'm neat and organized...

All is now left is the brown kraft paper - of course I kept it for the next studio session. 

See? Just two simple boards and a pair of collapsible sawhorses. 

The job is now done. Will I come back to working in that garage? Maybe yes - depending on the weather and humidity. I often used the top surfaces of washing machine and dryer as another studio space for my work. Other times I used the dining table in the kitchen for small projects. I have to be flexible and adaptive, but I sure would love to have a more permanent studio space - after I go through every storage box and do a thorough sorting, editing, purging, compressing and reorganizing. Easier said than done, but it's doable...thanks for visiting my temporary space.


Terrie Purkey said...

Very clever temporary art space...I agree it's a bother to put up and take down such an extensive set up but at least you have that option. Thanks for sharing.

Bill said...

Fascinating post! I'm glad someone else moves around, too. Of course, if I wasn't such a hoarder and could be more organized, I might have a little more room. :-)