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01 April 2014

Back to the Blogosphere!

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm now back to the blogosphere. Wow, I have been out of it for almost four years, and I have been encouraged to get back to blogging as I have so much to share! For several years, I have been busy with letterpress printing, stenciling, bookbinding, collage, and documenting.

Secondly, I've just added a list of the upcoming classes on the left column. Last Saturday March 29, 2014, I just completed a test run of my new stenciling & bookbinding class, and it was a fabulous success. My wonderfully talented students were able to stencil & create book cloth for the covers, and bound two text blocks of different sizes in one day - look at what they have created! You can learn how to do the same at two retreats - one on the East Coast (July 2014) and one on the West Coast (September 2014). See photo below:

Aren't they WONDERFUL?!? But wait, all you're seeing are the front covers. The link to the video shows more details of the samples that I've created for the retreat classes: 

I will be showing you the samples for other class in another post soon. Looking forward to creating more future posts and hearing from you. :-)


Ruth Hinman said...

I'm SO glad you're back! :D I love the books… and can't wait to see more about your classes!

Renelde Napoli said...

Those books are beautiful ! I love the stenciled covers.